ATLANTA – In case you missed it, the Wall Street Journal editorial board published an op-ed earlier this week exposing Stacey Abrams’ flagrant lies about Georgia’s new election reform legislation. As the article details, Abrams will do or say anything to amass total power – especially if it means falsely demonizing the Republican lawmakers who are working tirelessly to restore transparency, accuracy, and integrity to elections in Georgia. Click HERE to read the op-ed, or read excerpts below:

“The battle over voting rules is erupting again, and Georgia is back as political ground zero. It’s ‘a redux of Jim Crow, in a suit and tie,’ says Democrat and media favorite Stacey Abrams with her usual understatement. The actual proposals that have passed either the House or Senate are more prosaic, and we thought you might like to hear the facts.

“One plan would do away with signature matching, so election workers aren’t squinting at loops and handwriting slants to verify absentee ballots…. The House bill would set an earlier deadline for requesting a mail ballot…and permanent rules for ballot drop boxes…The House would also order that voter wait times be measured at large precincts.

“Another Senate bill would let state officials audit “low-performing” local election directors and appoint temporary replacements to force change. Now the stuff that makes headlines: The Senate passed a bill to roll back no-excuses mail voting. Absentee ballots would still be available to those obligated to be elsewhere, with a disability, or age 65 and up….But even if it did, Georgia would hardly be an outlier: More than a dozen states save the absentee exception for people who need it.

“Does any of this sound like Bull Connor at the precinct door? Georgia has had record voter numbers in recent years, including outstanding black turnout, and these proposals won’t reverse that…Last year’s pandemic election put a spotlight on election flaws like subjective signature matching and faulty deadlines. There’s real work to be done to secure voter confidence in ballot integrity before 2022.”

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PRESS RELEASE: Stop Stacey issues statement urging corporate America to stand strong against woke cancel culture



ATLANTA – Today, Stop Stacey issued the following statement in response to recent efforts by Stacey Abrams to cancel Georgia-based corporations who do not support her radical agenda. Abrams, who has denigrated Republican lawmakers as “domestic enemies” and accused them of resurrecting “racist” “Jim Crow” laws, is a strong proponent of sweeping federal election overhauls like H.R. 1 – even advocating to abolish the filibuster in order to get it passed.

“On her quest to fully radicalize the state of Georgia, Stacey Abrams is yet again attacking those who do not agree with her insane agenda. Even worse, Abrams is working around the clock to cancel private businesses and individuals who refuse to capitulate to her brand of partisan politics,” said Stop Stacey Senior Strategist Jeremy Brand. “Despite the media attention and Stacey Abrams’ attempts to weaponize race and cancel culture, we urge Peach State job creators to stand strong against her bullying tactics. Do not allow yourselves to be silenced by the woke mob. Rest assured, millions of Georgians – who don’t want their brands associated with divisive, dangerous politicians like Stacey Abrams – will continue to support you.”

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OP-ED: We must Stop stacey to Restore Confidence in Georgia Elections

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In Georgia, we saw firsthand just how disastrous the 2020 election was. Inconsistent implementation and glaring disparities in the rules for election observers, voting precincts with major delays in reporting results, sworn affidavits and videos demonstrating suspicious behavior, and massive tranches of previously uncounted votes randomly being discovered in multiple counties days and weeks after election day—just to name a few.

To address these inexcusable issues, Georgia Republicans are taking swift action under the Gold Dome to ensure that no such disaster happens again. Their thoughtful approach includes legislation requiring identification to request absentee ballots and a bill to begin counting absentee ballots a week before Election Day. These bold leaders are also looking at ways to secure drop-box voting, determine an accurate daily count of total votes cast, and more.

These common sense, timely proposals are a much-needed response to the total failure of the 2020 elections. More importantly, they put us on a path toward regaining confidence in Peach State elections.

Unfortunately, radical Democrats are standing in the way of these reform efforts. The Left doesn’t want secure elections because they benefit from lax voting laws and glaring loopholes that leave our state open for fraud. In short, they stand to benefit from a lack of integrity, transparency, and uniformity in the process.

As expected, Stacey Abrams is once again leading this left-wing opposition. For years, she peddled nonsense voter-suppression conspiracies to cover for her embarrassing 2018 loss to Governor Brian Kemp and to chip away at legal safeguards in Georgia – and across the country. Since her defeat, Abrams has spent millions on high-powered attorneys to challenge laws that ensure safe, fair, and accessible elections. Now, Abrams and her George Soros-funded political action group, Fair Fight, are spending millions more to attack Republicans and maintain the status quo in Georgia.

Thanks to the mainstream media, who are more interested in serving as a mouthpiece for her baseless claims than reporting real facts, Stacey’s power remains unfettered. But Abrams’ attempts to derail election reform in Georgia aren’t fooling anyone. It’s clear that her only reason for opposing progress is for her own political gain and Stop Stacey, a conservative grassroots organization, is spearheading the movement to expose her shady, dark money network, derail her radical, socialist agenda, and defeat Stacey Abrams’ efforts at the ballot box.

Our organization applauds the work of Sen. Larry Walker, Sen. Bill Cowsert, Rep. Barry Fleming, and so many others in the Georgia Legislature who are fighting every day to ensure the voices of millions of Georgians don’t go unheard. For these legislators’ efforts to simply ensure that only legal votes are counted in Georgia, they have been labeled vile, racist, and tagged as “conspiracy theorists” by Abrams and her dishonest liberal allies. It’s a typical and tired attack straight out of the Democrats’ playbook—but once again, hardworking Georgians aren’t falling for it. A recent poll commissioned by the Atlanta Journal Constitution found that 55% of Georgia voters support additional safeguards on our elections. We proudly back these bold conservative leaders who are listening to their constituents and doing the selfless work of strengthening election integrity—even in the midst of ridiculous and divisive attacks from Abrams and the Democrats.

We are at a pivotal moment, where conservatives in Georgia and around the country must come together and rebuild trust in our democratic process. We must deliver results to restore confidence in our elections and ensure that only legal votes count. And we must stand united against Stacey Abrams and the millions she is spending to slow our progress. She can spend, slander and try to distract, but we will not back down.

Together, we can pass common-sense reforms that strengthen election integrity and stop Stacey Abrams from setting up another unfair fight in 2022.

Jeremy Brand is the senior strategist for Stop Stacey.