ATLANTA – In case you missed it, the Wall Street Journal editorial board published an op-ed earlier this week exposing Stacey Abrams’ flagrant lies about Georgia’s new election reform legislation. As the article details, Abrams will do or say anything to amass total power – especially if it means falsely demonizing the Republican lawmakers who are working tirelessly to restore transparency, accuracy, and integrity to elections in Georgia. Click HERE to read the op-ed, or read excerpts below:

“The battle over voting rules is erupting again, and Georgia is back as political ground zero. It’s ‘a redux of Jim Crow, in a suit and tie,’ says Democrat and media favorite Stacey Abrams with her usual understatement. The actual proposals that have passed either the House or Senate are more prosaic, and we thought you might like to hear the facts.

“One plan would do away with signature matching, so election workers aren’t squinting at loops and handwriting slants to verify absentee ballots…. The House bill would set an earlier deadline for requesting a mail ballot…and permanent rules for ballot drop boxes…The House would also order that voter wait times be measured at large precincts.

“Another Senate bill would let state officials audit “low-performing” local election directors and appoint temporary replacements to force change. Now the stuff that makes headlines: The Senate passed a bill to roll back no-excuses mail voting. Absentee ballots would still be available to those obligated to be elsewhere, with a disability, or age 65 and up….But even if it did, Georgia would hardly be an outlier: More than a dozen states save the absentee exception for people who need it.

“Does any of this sound like Bull Connor at the precinct door? Georgia has had record voter numbers in recent years, including outstanding black turnout, and these proposals won’t reverse that…Last year’s pandemic election put a spotlight on election flaws like subjective signature matching and faulty deadlines. There’s real work to be done to secure voter confidence in ballot integrity before 2022.”

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